In The Land of Niseb
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Birdard Head butt (charge forward 5 blocks and headbutt foe dealing x damage physical. if hit against wall, deal additional y damage physical) Flutter (dodge fluttering away causing dirt and dust to fly up in the air. Dust has 1/2ch to cause blindness: 1trn cannot see, no dodge or block) Jump (jump in the air dodging an attack and slam down at foe pounding with feet, dealing x damage physical) Hide (hide behind nearest object running over quickly, ignores 5 block limit but must pick nearest object, counts as a move) Falcon Fly (fly up in air 6 blocks (30ft), if on the ground, counts as a move) Divebomb (divebomb at foe if in the air, dealing x damage physical, if hit, go back in the air, foe goes so fast, so if hit, roll 1/2ch. to not be hit) Peck barrage (fly at foe up to 10 blocks away and begin pecking at them dealing x damage, then y damage, then z damage) Sight (1trn)(see through the next attack skill, immediately dodge the next attack skill. Does not trigger if/then statements) Wolf Bite (bite foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is grappled for 1trn) Claw (claw at foe dealing x damage, if hit, bleeding damage for 2trn y damage) Chase (run 10 blocks and if reach foe, deal x damage) Dodging strike (dodge out of the way and immediately lunge at enemy dealing x damage) Goblin 2x strike (strike foe dealing x damage, then y damage) Fire bomb (throw bottle of alcohol and fire at foe, dealing x fire damage in a 3x3 block) Rock (throw rock at foe dealing x damage, if hit, y damage bleeding for 2 foe trn) Run and bash (run at foe dealing x damage, if miss, turn and hit them back with weapon dealing y damage) Goblin Lorde Rally (1trn)(Blow horn, rally all goblins together increasing physical damage if you are a goblin by y for 3trn) Command (command multiple goblins to attack at the same time, up to 3, dealing x damage each) Run (run away from foe up to 5 blocks) Blocking flame (block with shield and toss fireball at foe dealing x damage) Snake Constrict (1trn)(not counterable)(If foe is within 1 block away of snake, constrict foe. Foe is dealt x damage per turn while constricting foe, if snake is not dealt y damage in time for next snake turn, foe is eaten(dies)) Bite (bite foe dealing x damage, and if bitten, foe's movement is reduced by 4 blocks and snake is attached to foe till next turn) Venom (bite foe dealing 0d. next turn foe is dealt y damage per turn for the next 3 trns) Lunge (lunge forward 5 blocks and bite foe dealing x damage) Mad Squirrel Mad Bite (Bite foe dealing x damage, and if bit, foe has madness: 1/2ch. of attacking self with own attacks for next 3trn) Foam (foam at the mouth, causing blocks around mad squirrel to become slippery, if foe runs through the block or runs past, foe slips and becomes fallen taking x damage) Twitch (twitch and run multiple directions going 10 blocks attacking all in the way, only the first can counter dealing x damage, then y damage, then z damage repeated z damage after the final damage) Freak out (dodge out of the way moving two blocks, then immediately lunge back into place dealing x damage) Nico bird Peck (peck foe dealing x damage, then y damage) Wing slap (slap foe with wing dealing x damage, if dodged, foe is silenced for 1 trn) Charge (charge forward 5 blocks and hit foe dealing x damage) Fly (fly up in air dodging and attack downward dealing x damage) Giant venus fly trap Venom Spit (spit venom at foe, venom is a 3x3 block, if hit, x damage poison and now poisoned -y damage per turn for 3trn, if not hit but within 3x3 block, does not count as a hit but is poisoned) Bite (1trn)(Cannot counter)(bite up to 3 blocks away dealing x damage physical) Vine Whip (whip foe dealing x damage. If hit, roll 1/2ch. to cause foe to become trapped. Cannot block, dodge, or move unless you spend an action 1/2ch. to be free) Clench (clench teeth and vine blocking damage x damage if hit) Giant butterfly Beam of Green (cast beam of energy at foe dealing x damage poison) Flight (fly in the air 20 feet above the ground) Cloud of silencing (1trn)(Create 5x7 cloud, if foe begins turn in cloud, they are silenced for that turn, lasts for 2 self turn) Land (land on ground, if hit while on ground first attack is countered and reflected back as poison damage) Living rock (Rocks in a pile that animate into a rough humanoid shape) Bash (bash foe with rock arm dealing x damage physical, then tremor (if on ground within 1 block of hit zone, y damage physical)) Slide (slide forward 10 blocks attacking those in the way with bludgening x damage physical) Rock (Rock nearby becomes a projectile dealing x damage physical) Slam (slam down on foe with body, if hit, foe is trapped and must spend action 1/2ch. to free themselves. x damage physical) Green dragon (immune to poison and grapples) Breath of Flame (flame at foe from dragon location, cone 1x3,2x3,3x4 dealing x fire damage) Swipe (swipe at foe dealing x damage in 3x4 range dealing x damage) Hair (2trn)(cannot be countered)(lower head, at start of next turn, dragon shakes his head around causing razor wire hair to shake and lash at foes within 4 blocks of dragon. If foe is inside 4 blocks of dragon, foe takes x damage physical) Bite (bite foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is trapped in mouth of dragon taking y damage, allies must attempt saving foe trapped in mouth, 1/3ch. of saving, if they are not saved, foe is killed at the start of dragon's turn) Barrier (cast barrier covering self, if hit with magic hit, damage is reflected back at foe, if damage is physical, -x damage physical) Flight (fly toward foe up to 15 blocks and slam down dealing x damage physical trapping foe in place, must spend 1 action freeing self) Living vines (10x10 block that can move, always 1 vine within the 10 by 10 block, up to 10 vines) (If bulb is hit, living vines takes 2x damage) Grapple(if foe is within 10x10 block, grapple foe, foe is dealt x phys damage and grappled until vines are cut, must spend 1 action freeing themselves) Lash (lash at foe if foe is within 10x10 block dealing x phys damage, if hit y damage bleeding) Bulb (1trn)(bulb appears 2x2 block. next turn bulb explodes at beginning of turn dealing x poison damage in all areas up to 2 blocks away from bulb) Thorns (vine strikes foe dealing x damage, then y damage) Giant spider Venomous Bite (lunge 3 blocks and bite onto foe dealing x damage poison. If hit, foe loses y damage poison per turn for 3trn) Web Entanglement (Spider shoots a strong, sticky web which immobilizes target, foe must roll 1/2ch. to get free at beginning of turn) Pounce (Spider uses powerful legs to leap 5 blocks forward dealing x damage physical. If hit, foe becomes knocked down and must spend an action getting up. if spider is next to foe, must move to get up) Camouflage ambush (1trn)(Spider hides in wait burrowing in grass. On beginning of turn, foe cannot counter next 1 attack) Cyclops Smash (1trn)(slam down club on the ground causing aoe x damage, those within a 3x3 of hit zone take y damage, only target can counter) Gaze (1trn)(gaze at foe, if cyclops is hit, damage is prevented by a magical block (counts as block), if this triggers, foe loses 1 action next counter or turn) Stomp, stomp, stomp! (jump up and down stomping on the ground moving 2 blocks every stomp dealing x, y, z damage, only primary target can counter) Grabby boi (grab monster or foe (must be near monster or foe) and throw it at foe, if hit, x damage and takes bleeding damage -y damage bleeding for next 3trn, grabbed character dealt z damage physical) Bees Sting(sting foe dealing x damage, if hit -x damage per turn poison) Dissapate (bees move away from one another avoiding an attack, counts as a dodge, if dodge successfully, they re-emerge and strike foe dealing x damage physical) Fly (move 5 blocks) 2x strike (strike foe dealing x damage physical, then y damage poison) Giant owl Silent Swoop (no counter)(1/2ch)(Owl silently swoops fromt he sky, attacking with razor sharp talons. Deals x damage physical. The silent approach gives the target only a 1/2ch. to dodge due to reduced perception) Wind Gust (Target foe. Owl creates gust of wind that pushes back enemies 3 blocks dealing x wind damage) Piercing Screech (1trn)(no counter)(Screech at foe causing foe to become silenced for 1trn within 5 blocks) 2x strike (strike foe with claws dealing x damage, then y damage) Mimic Tentacles (Lash with tentacles dealing x damage, if hit, poisoned -y damage for 3 trn) Burn, burn, burn (1trn)(go up into the cieling, those that are within 3 block radius takes x damage fire) Bite (grip onto foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is grappled and must spend 1 action getting free, 1/2ch. if foe cannot get free, they take x damage and must roll again, mimic cannot attack others when biting foe) Lick(1trn)(lick foe dealing 0d. foe is silenced for 1trn, cannot be countered) Close Chest (close chest blocking an attack, if hit anyway, -x damage, counts as a block) Dog Bark (1trn)(1/2ch)(Attempt to summon more dogs to come fight with you, up to 1 more dog) Nipping Bite (lunge forward 2 blocks attempting to nip at foe dealing x blood damage) Scamper away (attempt to get away from foe up to 3 blocks, then bark, causing foe to have issue with attacking or casting next spell 1/2ch, even on failure, still moves 3 blocks) Pounce (pounce at target causing foe to get knocked down if hit. On hit, deal x physical damage and 1/2ch. foe is knocked down) Boar Tusk Charge (Charge forward 6 blocks using its tusks to gore its foe dealing x physical damage, if the target is against a wall or obstacle, foe takes additional y damage) Mud Bath (Boar rolls around in mud, reducing incoming damage for 3trn by x physical) 2x Strike (Strike foe with tusks dealing x damage physical, then y damage physical) Wild Swipe (Sweep your tusks, blocks 1 block around foe deal x physical damage, if hit 1/2ch. bleeding y damage per trn for 3trn) Bear Mauling Strike (attack foe with giant claws, if foe is blocking with weapon, negate that block and attack anyway. If foe is hit with mauling strike, x damage physical, then y damage bleeding for 3trn) Roaring Challenge (1trn)(Force foes within a 4 block to attack bear. if taunted, foe has 1/2ch. to be too scared to attack for next 1 turn) Forage (1trn)(Search around 4 blocks and attempt to eat at nearby foliage. Heal for x) Pounce (Run at target up to 5 blocks and pounce at them. Deal x physical damage, foe becomes fallen and must spend action to get back up) Giant Rabbit (Can move additional 3 blocks from original 5) Thumper foot (thump on the ground with one foot. If foe is within 3 blocks, deal x damage earth) Razor Incisors (attempt to bite at foe up to 2 blocks away, if hit, deal x damage blood, 1/2ch. to bleed additional 3 turns for y damage) Bounding Assault (target foe, strike at foe dealing x damage physical up to 5 blocks away and bounce back another 3 blocks) Burrow Ambush (1trn)(Choose target (unknown), on start of turn, jump out of the ground next to where target is dealing x physical damage) Giant Beetle Underground (1trn)(dig into the ground and dissapear from sight. Becomes untargetable underground. at the start of next turn, if players are on soil and not rock, they feel a shockwave at their feet dealing x damage) Charge (choose 1 target for counter if needed. charge forward 10 blocks with mandibles wide open charging forward. blocks to the left and the right of beetle are also damage x physical) Poisonous shot (spray acid forward shooting up to 10 blocks away dealing x damage. If hit, -y damage every turn poison) Bash (bash foe, if blocked, weapon is broken unless blocked with shield. If hit -x damage) Ants (Ignores physical resistance) (place ant holes around field) (Starts with zero grow counters) (damage cannot be done on ants, but the ant holes as target, ant holes do not move) Overwhelming Swarm (1trn)(Add a grow counter. Come out of ant hole extending outward (number of counters) block in all directions, foes within the overwhelming swarm take x damage fire) Bite and inject (if foe is within swarm, bite foe dealing 0 damage physical, is now bitten dealing y damage fire) Pheromone Confusion (Create 3x3 block for 1trn, foes that are in this block at the start of their turn become confused: may target different foe with moves) Defense of the Nest (1trn)(Bolster defenses of the nest gaining buff: Reduce damage of nest for next 2 attacks -x damage physical and magus) Resource theft (Ants attempt to steal small items and smaller from inventory. If no items can be found, Lichen is taken in its place) Giant dirt worm Possessed human Spider group (tons of tiny spiders as opposed to one big one) Owl-wolf Gnoll (hyena human) Giant Child Mimic (it looks like a child but is a mass of teeth and tentacles) Living tree Giant cat Fairy Illusion(cause someone to become confused as to where they are, 1/2ch. at end of turn that they attack themselves with their own attacks) Wing Slice(slice foe with flurry of wings dealing x damage, if hit, magic is stunted for x damage) Magus Destroyer (if hit with magus, -x damage reflected back at foe who dealt the magus) Bubble shield (create magus shield around fairy, if hit with melee, is still hit) Gryphon Werewolf Rat lord (humanoid rat that commands rats) Rat Summon (summon hoard of rats that run at foe up to 10 blocks attacking all in the way, total of x rats dealing individual y damage) Whistle (collect rats together to carry self 7 blocks) Rat Burial (bury foe in rubble of rats dealing x damage, then y damage blood) Bleeding bite (bite foe dealing x damage, if bitten, y damage blood for 3trn) Totema Crow Murder of crows


Bear Giant salmon Giant Crab Giant crayfish Water elemental Blue dragon River spirit Giant clam Money fish Water soul (human that has manifested itself in water) Eel Water magus demon Turtle Alligator/Crocodile Water naga Giant Beaver Giant otter Drowned (drowned human) Jellyfish Giant axolotl Giant water spider River siren (looks like woman, actually teeth and tentacles) Living fungi Water giant Giant Slug Water snake Man-eating catfish Water salamander Giant frog Giant dragonfly Giant mosquito Giant shrimp Giant leech Water beetle Nico bird Pirahna Electric eel Duck Group of ducks River shark Giant lamprey Giant snail Anaconda


Crab Mollusk Giant man-o-war Seal Giant horseshoe crab Sea otter Land anenome Giant lobster Giant starfish Sea snake Water naga Water magus demon Giant albatross Sea turtle Animated algae Giant octopus Sea urchin Water dragon Sea serpent Giant snail Giant elemental stone crab Sand golem Walrus Sand worm Animated palm tree Wind elemental


Ogre Troll Stone troll Living rock Stone dragon Fire giant Giant Phoenix Stone tortoise Wolf Goblin Stone golem Cave dweller (humans who have hidden in the caves/darkness and are no longer human) Bear Mountain panther Giant goat Hairy spider Giant ram Ghoul Mountain toad Stone eating worm Mountain lion Bobcat Eagle Iron dragon Boar Condor Cyclops Lava dragon Demon Angel Frost giant Mimic --Tentacles (Lash with tentacles dealing x damage, if hit, poisoned -y damage for 3 trn) --Burn, burn, burn (1trn)(go up into the cieling, those that are within 3 block radius takes x damage fire) --Bite (grip onto foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is grappled and must spend 1 action getting free, 1/2ch. if foe cannot get free, they take x damage and must roll again, mimic cannot attack others when biting foe) --Lick(1trn)(lick foe dealing 0d. foe is silenced for 1trn, cannot be countered) --Close Chest (close chest blocking an attack, if hit anyway, -x damage, counts as a block) Stone spider


Yeti Ice/Blizzard elemental Polar Bear Animated icicle Ice giant White wolf Ice dragon Ice zombie Blizzard/ara/aga base spell Follow (1trn)(Run at foe up to 5 blocks healing self for x) Bite (bite foe dealing x damage and absorbing life healing for y health) Ice Spears (spears of ice appear in front of self within 3x4 block dealing x blizzard damage) Ice gargoyle (aura: -x damage blizzard if next to ice gargoyle) Whip (strike with whip 2x8 blocks on foe x damage blizzard) Grapple (1/2ch)(grapple onto foe with magical chain that pulls foe in and deals x damage physical) Fly (1trn)(fly in air, should he be hit in the air roll 1/2ch. to not be hit, move up to 10 blocks and strike down at foe dealing x damage physical) Wing Shield (block with wing and strike back with wing dealing x damage, if hit anyway -y damage blizzard`) 3x claw (strike foe with claws dealing x damage, y damage, then z damage physical) Paralyze (1/2ch)(Paralyze foe in place for 1trn, foe cannot dodge or move for 1trn) Ice demon Giant penguin Elemental Narwhal Ice fox Ice seal Owl-wolf Giant ice ferret Bobcat Giant rabbit Ice owl Ice troll

Fire plain/Volcano

Red dragon Fire dragon Golden dragon Fire giant Fire elemental Stone elemental Fire bat Fire worm Fire toad Fire troll Hell hound Fire demon Inferno spider Animated lava Mercury slime (ability to confuse people with excess mercury) Fire boar Fire hyena Fire lich Sand giant Fire snake Fire goblin Phoenix Cerberus Flame skeleton Lava worm Shadow demon (literal shadow on the ground that can animate) Fire gryphon Magma slug Giant iguana Fire puffin Volcano tortoise Fire snail Fire wolf Flame axolotl Fire lizard Fire spider Fire ogre


Giant rat Bite (lunge at foe up to 2 blocks dealing x damage) Festering Bite (Bite foe dealing x damage, if hit, y damage per turn bleeding for 2trn) Scurry (scurry away from foe up to 1 block, then lunge back at foe dealing x damage blood) Crawl-on (move up to 3 blocks and attempt to attach yourself to foe, if attached, foe cannot dodge or block attacks until you pull off giant rat) Rats Gargoyle Werewolf Wererat Mimic --Tentacles (Lash with tentacles dealing x damage, if hit, poisoned -y damage for 3 trn) --Burn, burn, burn (1trn)(go up into the cieling, those that are within 3 block radius takes x damage fire) --Bite (grip onto foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is grappled and must spend 1 action getting free, 1/2ch. if foe cannot get free, they take x damage and must roll again, mimic cannot attack others when biting foe) --Lick(1trn)(lick foe dealing 0d. foe is silenced for 1trn, cannot be countered) --Close Chest (close chest blocking an attack, if hit anyway, -x damage, counts as a block) Vampire Shadow demon Succubus Feral dog pack Feral cat pack Ghost Animated ooze Sewer octopus Sewer spider Murder of crows Falcon Giant roach Sewer zombie Sewer crocodile/alligator Giant tortoise Giant possum Bat Poo elemental Rat lord (humanoid rat that commands rats) Vulture pack Giant spider Locust swarm Sewer crab Sewer octopus Totema Sewer troll


Sand worm Sand elemental Giant scorpion Giant sand snake Sand wolf Desert Owl-wolf Desert lizard Desert spider Mummy Zombie Lich Giant dung beetle Animated rock Air elemental Djinn Jackal Copper dragon Desert tortoise Mimic --Tentacles (Lash with tentacles dealing x damage, if hit, poisoned -y damage for 3 trn) --Burn, burn, burn (1trn)(go up into the cieling, those that are within 3 block radius takes x damage fire) --Bite (grip onto foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is grappled and must spend 1 action getting free, 1/2ch. if foe cannot get free, they take x damage and must roll again, mimic cannot attack others when biting foe) --Lick(1trn)(lick foe dealing 0d. foe is silenced for 1trn, cannot be countered) --Close Chest (close chest blocking an attack, if hit anyway, -x damage, counts as a block) Desert salamander Desert Eagle Desert alligator/crocodile Sand hyena Sand cat Giant desert centipede Golem Giant bat Ground owl Desert giant Cyclops Animated dune Sand dog Sand goblin Phoenix Desert crab Desert Falcon Sand panther Feerei (fire engulfed creature with a spear about 7 foot tall)


Ent Forest spider Forest boar Giant Lizard-frog (lizard with giant legs of a frog and gaping mouth with frog eyes) .4 poison .2 phys def .1 magus def .3 earth Cloak (1trn)(1/2ch.)(Attempt to hide self, cannot be targeted without spending an action trying to find it) Lash (tongue comes out of the mouth of the lizard frog and attempts to lash at you dealing x damage poison) Bulbous Bulwark (make the bulb of the neck huge, charge forward 5 blocks dealing x earth damage) Toxic secretion(1trn)(release a toxic line of goo on the floor where you walk for next 3trn, if player starts turn with goo underneath them, they take x damage poison) Gulp (lunge forward 3 blocks, attempt to gulp at foe, if you hit foe with gulp, foe becomes swallowed by the lizard-frog and can only be saved by another player, must spend 2 actions saving player, for every turn foe is gulped, loses x poison damage) Bees Animated vines Tree snake Flock of birds Ground snake Green troll Owl-wolf Wolf Green dragon Woodland witch (not a human, but a magical creature with command over the forest and animals, corrupting everything it touches) Natives-of-the-wood (not human, little jet-black colored creatures with large red eyes wandering) Wisp Pixie Animated tree Darkness (unusual shadow that consumes, can only be subverted through magic) Animated mushroom Ghost-of-the-wood (Spirits that have lost their way and animate nearby objects of the wood lost forever) Birdard Giant squirrel Demonic raccoon Giant ferret Giant Tortoise Giant moth Giant beetle Giant ant(s) Giant cicada Giant mantis Giant black widow spider Giant worm Fly swarm Giant dragonfly Giant grasshopper Giant armadillo Giant centipede Giant slug Giant snail Animated mossman (creature of wood covered in moss, most likely formed from either magic or spirits of the dead) Forest Goblin Lost elve (no longer elve, but a manifestation of the wood) Giant alligator/crocodile Iguana spider (8 legs, iguana face, long tongue) Giant iguana Giant poison dart frog Giant beaver

Narrow traversal

Vulture Crow --Flying Strike (fly in the air and strike down at foe dealing x damage phys, stays flying after attack) --Peck (peck at foe dealing x damage up to 4 blocks away, if flying, lands next to foe) --Scratch (scratch at foe dealing x damage, if hit, y damage bleeding foe next 2trn) --2x strike (strike at foe dealing x damage phys, then y damage phys) Giant pelican Climbing ram Puffin Eagle Giant albatross Lion Owl-wolf Worm Green dragon


Sea serpent Giant shark Giant octopus Giant squid Water dragon Money fish (fish that is golden and the scales are mistaken for money. can sell for a decent amount) Water elemental Jellyfish Sea alligator Giant crab Giant eel Angler of sailors (giant fish that lays in the water with its angler out of the water which looks like a flickering light) Mermaid Giant sea snail Merfolk Water witch Whale-barracuda Animated kelp Giant sea turtle


Demon Curr Desciple Animated sword Blood ooze Skeleton Lich Zombie Unhuman necromancer Overlord (giant pus-filled floating object with tentacles and a beak to consume with. looks like organs) Sky eel (dark eel that flys in the sky with immense magic) Chaos dragon Dark elemental Animated shadow Nailhead (creature with nails drove into its head animated with special curr nails to carry out bidding) Rat blob (rats that have melded together into a giant mass of biting chaos) Chaos mimic Chaos worm Werewolf Chaos giant Skeletal warrior Vampire Rat lord Watcher (giant demons that guard the chaos gate. close to impossible to kill) Sentinel (humanlike creatures with a flesh-horn for a head to alarm for nearby creatures) Greater demon Demon lord Magus demon Flesh horror (2 humans joined at the torso into a lowercase n shape with top portion removed. Top part of humanoid conjoined between both legs and connected pelvis) Owl-wolf zombie Skeletal dragon zombie Faceless wanderer (humanoid without a face. its desire is to rip faces off of others) Gravekeeper (nightmare creature of multiple grafted humans using a gravestone as a weapon, inhabits graveyards) Rabid dog Reaper


Giant Crayfish Piranha Swarm Giant Heron Giant Shoebill Swamp Zombie (drowned/trapped humans long forgotten) Giant Platypus Panther Alligator/Crocodile Giant Newt Swamp Giant Bear Giant Cottonmouth Giant Snake Snake Swamp Gorger (Large blind hairless ambush predator that senses with an array of whiskers at the front of it's face. Muscled beyond belief and incredibly dangerous. Lurks under water for hours.) Boar Anaconda Giant Snapping Turtle Giant Alligator Snapping Turtle Sailback (Spinosaurus-esque electricly charged nightmare) Light wasp (wasp that illuminates its abdomen) Giant animated swamp flower Swamp wisp Rats Rat lord Dung beetle Swamp wolf Fairy Grave sludge (slime skeleton) Swamp centipede Swamp dragon Animated mushroom Mimic --Tentacles (Lash with tentacles dealing x damage, if hit, poisoned -y damage for 3 trn) --Burn, burn, burn (1trn)(go up into the cieling, those that are within 3 block radius takes x damage fire) --Bite (grip onto foe dealing x damage, if hit, foe is grappled and must spend 1 action getting free, 1/2ch. if foe cannot get free, they take x damage and must roll again, mimic cannot attack others when biting foe) --Lick(1trn)(lick foe dealing 0d. foe is silenced for 1trn, cannot be countered) --Close Chest (close chest blocking an attack, if hit anyway, -x damage, counts as a block) Water elemental Frogling (frog-like humanoid creature)


Rats Rat lord Zombie Giant Lich Corpse-eating leech Bat Banshee Snake Bee swarm Animated wall (creature that is a wall that will crush you in its movements and falling) Animated chandelier Animated furniture Dancing spirits (two spirits that dance together in the halls of abandoned castles) Animated armor Animated sword Animated spear Animated axe Animated mold Shadow demon (demon that is a shadow, only stopped with magic)


Angels from the other (multi-limbed, multi-eyed creatures that challenge gods) Animated starlight Wisp Goblin Possessed birdard Elemental of Dark Magus Astral being (being that wanders like a ghost, not connected to the land) Wraith Thunder Elemental Blizzard Elemental Fire Elemental Water Elemental Astral Dragon (dragon with the power of space) Lich Zombie Animated Asteroid


Lich Zombie Skeleton Ghoul Ghost Birdard Zombie Birdard Skeleton Vampire Wraith Giant Rat Giant Raven Rat Swarm Raven Flock Mummy Black Dragon Undead Dragon Tomb Spider Tomb Cat Carrion Worm Vulture Giant Vulture Severed Hand Giant Severed Hand Will-o-Wisp Troll Zombie

Polluted mountain

Smog Ogre Smog Troll Living Smoke Polluted Dragon Smog Giant Smog Phoenix Smog Tortoise Smog Wolf Smog Goblin Smog golem Smog Worshipper (humans no longer human that use smog to their advantage) Smog bear Smog goat Smog spider Smog ram Smog ghoul Animated Smog Smog toad Smog eating worm Smog dragon Smog boar Smog condor Smog cyclops Sludge dragon Smog demon Smog angel Smog mimic

Polluted grassland

Smog birdard Smog falcon Smog goblin Smog snake Smog squirrel Smog nico bird Smog infested giant fly trap Smog giant butterfly Smog living rock Smog giant butterfly Smog dragon Smog vines Smog giant spider Smog giant owl Smog cyclops Smog mimic Smog boar Smog bear Smog giant rabbit Smog giant beetle Smog possessed human Smog spider group (tons of tiny spiders that emit noxious smog) Smog owl-wolf Smog gnoll (hyena human of smog) Smog giant Smog child mimic (looks like a child, but is a mass of teeth, tentacles, and noxious smog) Smog Gryphon Smog Rat Lord (humanoid rat that commands rats) Smog Crow Smog murder of crows

Polluted desert

Acidic Sand Serpent: A large, burrowing snake with shimmering, caustic scales that leave trails of burning acid in its wake. Toxic Cactoid: A mutated cactus creature that sprays poisonous needles and emits toxic gases from its blooms. Radiation Scorpion: An oversized scorpion glowing with radioactive energy, its stinger causes both physical and radiation damage. Polluted Dust Devil: A swirling vortex of contaminated sand and debris, capable of disorienting and abrading anything caught within. Rust Golem: Constructed from corroded metal scraps, this golem is immune to poison but vulnerable to water-based attacks. Wasteland Wanderer: A humanoid figure wrapped in tattered rags, leaving a trail of toxic sludge, with a gaze that induces hallucinations. Scavenger Vulture: Mutated vultures with oversized beaks and corrosive saliva, feeding on the remains of other desert creatures. Tar Pit Beast: An amorphous creature emerging from tar pits, able to entrap its prey in sticky, suffocating tar. Chemical Elemental: A sentient, mobile pool of hazardous chemicals, altering its form to attack and corrode its enemies. Mirage Phantom: An illusionary entity born from heat and pollution, capable of leading travelers astray or driving them mad. Solar Flare Scorpion: A creature that absorbs and radiates intense heat, causing severe burns with its pincers and tail. Plague Carrier Rats: Swarms of diseased rats that spread contamination and thrive in the polluted environment. Dune Shifter: A creature that blends in with the sandy terrain, attacking unsuspecting prey by surprise. Corroded Djinn: A twisted genie-like entity born from the pollution, offering deceitful bargains and corrupt wishes. Oasis Mirage: A deceptive, poisoned water source, luring creatures with the promise of relief, only to ensnare or poison them.


Echo Demon - A slender, shadow-like demon with elongated limbs that mimics the sounds of its surroundings. It can disorient adventurers by echoing their own voices or the sounds of their allies. Stalactite Serpent - A snake-like creature with a rocky, camouflaged exterior. It hangs from cave ceilings, blending with natural stalactites, and strikes unsuspecting prey from above. Glyph Guardian - A mystical protector, covered in ancient, glowing glyphs. It attacks using magic inscribed in its stone-like skin, defending the deeper secrets of the dungeon. Gloom Spider - Large, bioluminescent spiders that cast eerie lights in the dark. Their webs are nearly invisible and can siphon the life force of those caught in them. Obsidian Golem - A massive, humanoid creature made of sharp obsidian shards. It moves slowly but is incredibly strong, with the ability to blend into dark rock surfaces. Fungal Shambler - A creature composed of various types of dungeon fungi and mold, forming a humanoid shape. It can release toxic spores and regenerate quickly in damp environments. Whispering Imp - Small, mischievous demons that whisper lies and secrets to cause paranoia among adventurers. They are quick and elusive, often seen as just a flicker in the corner of the eye. Crystal Basilisk - A reptilian creature with a body covered in reflective crystal plates. Its gaze can temporarily petrify, and the crystals on its back can refract light to disorient attackers. Demon Shadow Demon Arcane Demon Fire Demon Water Demon Thunder Demon Blizzard Demon Cave Mimic - A predatory creature that can take the appearance of various objects found in caves, like rocks or treasure chests, to lure in and ambush prey. Lurking Grue - A beast of shadow and terror that dwells in the darkest parts of the dungeon. It's virtually invisible in the dark and strikes with ferocity. Corrosive Slime - An acidic, gelatinous entity that dissolves organic material on contact. It moves slowly, leaving a trail of corrosion in its wake.