In The Land of Niseb
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Base Spells

    **NOTE: Arcanum spells and Cure spells also count.  God of Cure is Lles and Curr is Arcanum
Level 1
		Explosion in a 1x1 block
Level 2
	Dekraan Fire/Wend Water/Shikra Thunder/Jentii Blizzard/Curr Arcanum/Lles Cure
	Dekraan Fira/Wend Watera/Shikra Thundara/Jentii Blizzara/Curr Arcanara/Lles Cura
	Dekraan Firaga/Wend Waterga/Shikra Thundaga/Jentii Blizzaga/Curr Arcanaga/Lles Curaga
		Explosion in a 2x2 block situated how the player decides
Level 3
	Ent Fire/Ent Water/Ent Thunder/Ent Blizzard/Ent Arcanum/Ent Cure
	Ent Fira/Ent Watera/Ent Thundara/Ent Blizzara/Ent Arcanara/Ent Cura
	Ent Firaga/Ent Waterga/Ent Thundaga/Ent Blizzaga/Ent Arcanaga/Ent Curaga
		Pillar of energy in a 2x2 block going upwards
Level 4
	Planal Fire/Planal Water/Planal Thunder/Planal Blizzard/Planal Arcanum/Planal Cure
	Planal Fira/Planal Watera/Planal Thundera/Planal Blizzara/Planal Arcanara/Planal Cura
	Planal Firaga/Planal Water/Planal Thunder/Planal Blizzard/Planal Arcanaga/Planal Curaga
		Wall of energy in a 1x5 range
Level 5
	Shirra Fire/Shirra Water/Shirra Thunder/Shirra Blizzard/Shirra Arcanum/Shirra Cure
	Shirra Fira/Shirra Watera/Shirra Thundara/Shirra Blizzara/Shirra Arcanara/Shirra Cura
	Shirra Firaga/Shirra Waterga/Shirra Thundaga/Shirra Blizzaga/Shirra Arcanaga/Shirra Curaga
		Dome of energy in a 3x3 range
---Can no longer learn in library---
Level 6
	Totemic Fire/Totemic Water/Totemic Thunder/Totemic Blizzard/Shirra Arcanum/Shirra Cure
	Totemic Fira/Totemic Watera/Totemic Thundara/Totemic Blizzara/Shirra Arcanara/Shirra Cura
	Totemic Firaga/Totemic Waterga/Totemic Thundaga/Totemic Blizzaga/Shirra Arcanaga/Shirra Curaga
		Dome of energy that sucks enemies inwards in a 3x3 range. If next to 3x3 gets pulled in
Level 7
	God's Fire/God's Water/God's Thunder/Gods Blizzard/Shirra Arcanum/Shirra Cure
		4x4 ring of energy, ring rolls inward attacking all inside.
Level 8
	God's Fira/God's Watera/God's Thundara/Gods Blizzara/Shirra Arcanara/Shirra Cura
		5x5 ring of energy, ring rolls inward attacking all inside.
Level 9
	God's Firaga/God's Waterga/God's Thundaga/Gods Blizzaga/Shirra Arcanaga/Shirra Curaga
		6x6 ring of energy ring that rolls inward attacking all inside
Level 10
		all mana cost, all are attacked on field in aoe energy explosion