In The Land of Niseb
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Potions of Niseb

Cauterizing Potion(s)(L)(Cauterize your wounds removing blood ailment) Salve Potion(s)(L)(Cure poison) Salvic Balm(s)(L)(Resist poison for 3trn) Ensoropni Potion(s)(L)(Resist blood ailments 3trn) Invisibility Potion(s)(L)(Can only be used outside of combat: Renders consumer invisible for 1 minute) Speed Potion(s)(L)(Move extra 2 blocks for next 3trn) Fire Retardent Potion(s)(L)(Immunity to burns for 3trn) Warm Potion(s)(L)(Immunity to speed reduction of ice spells) Levitation Brew(s)(L)(Float up to 30 feet, 1 minute) Truth Serum(s)(L)(Force consumer to speak the truth for 20 minutes) Mimicry Brew(s)(L)(Temporarily grants the ability to imitate voices or sounds for 1 minute) Sleeping Draught(s)(L)(Can only be used outside of combat: Induces a deep sleep in the consumer) Dreamwalker's Tincture(s)(L)(Allows the consumer to enter and control dreams) Berserker's Brew(s)(L)(Increase damage by 2 equipment slot of variance. Must continue attacking or lose ability and 1/2ch. of falling asleep for 1trn) Luck Potion (s)(L)(Attempt 1 reroll of any roll) Petrification Tonic(s)(L)(Temporarily turns the consumer to stone, providing immunity to attacks for 1trn) Teleportation Elixir(s)(L)(Can only be used outside combat: Teleport to a visible location) Spectral Sight Serum (s)(L)(Grants ability to see invisible or ethereal entities) Cleansing Tonic(s)(L)(Purifies the consumer form curses or negative magical effects (not blood or poison)) Eagle's Eye Elixir(s)(L)(Enhances vision and perception, allowing the consumer to see great distances for 1 node) Mermaid's Breath Potion(s)(L)(Allows the consumer to breath underwater for a limited time, 15 minutes) Harmony Elixir(s)(L)(Can cast an additional 2 spells if out of mana) Moonlit Perfume(s)(L)(Enhances your charisma around others, making you more persuasive for 1 node) Detective Draught(s)(L)(Enhances investigative abilities, allowing the consumer to uncover hidden clues. Lasts 1 node) Firebrew Potion(s)(L)(Convert phys damage into fire damage for 1 battle, also affects phys damage equip bonuses) Thunderbrew Potion(s)(L)(Convert phys damage into thunder damage for 1 battle, also affects phys damage equip bonuses) Waterbrew Potion(s)(L)(Convert phys damage into water damage for 1 battle, also affects phys damage equip bonuses) Blizzbrew Potion(s)(L)(Convert phys damage into blizzard damage for 1 battle, also affects phys damage equip bonuses) Lightbrew Potion(s)(L)(Convert phys damage into light damage for 1 battle, also affects phys damage equip bonuses) Arcanebrew Potion(s)(L)(Convert phys damage into arcane damage for 1 battle, also affects phys damage equip bonuses) Transmogrification Tincture(s)(L)(Can only use outside of combat. Transforms consumer into a frog for 1 node)

The Equipment of Legend

Cape of Dekraan (b)(legendary)(negate fire damage) Cape of Jentii Alor (b)(legendary)(negate blizzard damage) Cape of Shiekra (b)(legendary)(negate thunder damage) Cape of Wennd (b)(legendary)(negate water damage) Cape of Lles (b)(legendary)(negate light damage) Cape of Curr (b)(legendary)(negate arcane damage) Cape of Venenum (b)(legendary)(negate poison damage) Cape of Sanguis (b)(legendary)(negate blood damage) Cape of Vita Furantur (b)(legendary)(Negate life steal) Shirt of Mercantile (legendary)(n)(10% better prices buying or selling, but only 1 per node) Boots of Dashing (n)(legendary)(+1 movement) Blade of Compasses (n)(legendary)(Always point in the direction of where the party needs to go) Blade of Truths (n)(legendary)(This blade speaks to you in a whispering tone only truth. Ask questions to receive the truth) Cloak of Invisibility (b)(legendary)(be able to go invisible out of combat but can still be heard, ability weakens in 15 minutes) Scrying Orb (offhand)(b)(legendary)(Communicate with creatures and beast that cannot speak your language up to 30 feet away) Mirror Shield of Reflection (n)(legendary)(if someone shoots a spell or projectile at you, reflect that damage back to the foe who shot it, can only be used outside of combat) Ring of Fortuna (t)(legendary)(reroll a roll once per encounter) Black Crown of Lords (n)(legendary)(Be much more convincing, much more conniving, people fear your presense while also being more charismatic outside of combat) Scythe of Soulreapers (b)(legendary)(Absorb souls being able to have an increase in a chosen stat of the defeated for next combat) Chronomancer's Hourglass (n)(legendary)(Outside of combat, rewind time to about 10 seconds prior once per node) Phoenix Feather Dagger (s)(legendary)(When resurrected, resurrect with full health, not 1 on Shirra Stones) Pants of Whispers (n)(legendary)(Be able to speak with the trees, who have seen all) Lantern of Eternus (s)(legendary)(Light up a chamber, no matter how big) Soothsayer's Mirror (n)(legendary)(This mirror reveals glimpses of the future when gazed upon. While not always clear or straightforward, it can provide cryptic hints or warnings about upcoming events.) Skeleton Key (t)(legendary)(Unlock any physical lock)


Tack and Water Ration(s)(L)(Tastless but does the job. Add water to the tack, and maybe its at least edible and resistant to mold!) Foreign Ration(t)(L)(Hardened naan and a flavored water. Least it's better than tack and water!) Ration (L)(s)(eat/drink heartily for a node staving off hunger. But it's boring.) Portable Ration(L)(t)(Wow. A ration that is now a compressed square. While it's not appetizing, at least its compact.) Pepper(t)(L)(Man this food sucks. I bet it could taste better with some pepper!) Salt(t)(L)(Man this food sucks. I bet it could taste better with some salt!)

Ease of Adventuring

Bedroll (s)(L)(be able to sleep comfortably outside) Water Skin (s)(L)(Be able to collect water and drink) Water container(s)(L)(Holds liquid, makes a nice sound when you bang on it) Lantern(s)(L)(Be able to see in the dark) Quilt Blanket (s)(L)(Keeps you warm in the cold) Heated Sleeping Bag(s)(L)(be able to sleep comfortably out in the wild, even in the cold) Telescope (s)(L)(Be able to see much further if looking through) Compass (s)(L)(Find your way around off the beaten path) Sextant-Compass(L)(t)(Find direction outside of a pathway, also position) Rope (s)(L)(at least 30 feet long. Perfect for pulling people out of holes) Cooking Pack(s)(L)(Cooking tools such as pots, spatulas, pans, and even utensils to eat with! Be able to cook raw materials out in the wilderness) Fishing supplies(s)(L)(Can fish for food if there is nearby water) Flint & Tinderbox(s)(L)(Can be used to start fires) Emergency Horn (s)(L)(make a loud blasting horn sound by blowing into this horn) Grappling Hook (s)(L)(Facilitates climbing and exploration through difficult terrain) Warm Tent (n)(L)(Tent that provides a cozy resting place. In the event of cold and rain, it is quite nice inside) Lockpick(t)(L)(Attempt to pick a lock, 1/2ch. of failure and breaking the pick) Water Purification tablet(t)(L)(Turns a water source into drinkable water) Echo Stones(s)(plays a sound when you hit it. Useful to distract) Alchemical Kit(s)(L)(Attempt to create basic potions and remedies in down time. 1/2ch. to make a potion) Smoke Bomb(s)(L)(Can only perform outside combat: Provide quick cover escapes or strategic maneuvers.) Tome of Lore (s)(L)(1/2ch. to contain valueable information on monster encounters, traps, and ancient artifacts. Must be able to read common to read) Harmonious Harp (n)(L)(1/2ch. to calm aggressive creatures in the vicinity)


Map of Veign (s)(L)(be able to have access to the map of Veign) Map of Eastern Province(s)(L)(be able to have access to the map of the Eastern Province) Map of Northern Province(s)(L)(be able to have access to the map of the Northern Province) Map of Southern Province(s)(L)(be able to have access to the map of the Southern Province) Map of Middle Province(s)(L)(be able to have access to the map of the Middle Province)