In The Land of Niseb
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Cave deciple:

A fisherman comes up to the adventurers (Rather clean looking for a fisherman, although with a gruffy beard, he looks like he has had some success fishing) and tells them of a treasure that can be found just off the coast in a cave underwater.  Cave is west of Matrin, about 15 feet underwater.  Once inside the underwater cave you submerge into a large crystal cavern where there is no water.  there an ageless birdman guards the treasure.

Confronted the birdman tells them: "You come here for what? Riches? Petty gold? You adventurers are all the same, searching for your own greed, yet you do not comprehend who's treasure it is or why it is here.  Please leave or fight."

If choose to fight:
fight goes on, once defeated you have treasure, quest complete.

If choose to listen to what the birdman has to say:

"You adventurers are lead by treaturous ingrates.  The one who calls you cares nothing for the land.  He is like the Icanim, destructive and careless.  Hunt your quest giver, and put an end to his selfishness."

You must locate him and find him just on the outskirts of the city on the shoreline waiting for you.  You must fight the fisherman.