In The Land of Niseb
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Random NPC generator:

Name: Voni
Race: Male Human Citizen
Level: 2
Wealth: Average
Profession: Tanner
Disposition: They are neutral to you. Welcome adventurer. You don't stand out to them and are not seen as a friend.

Potential quests

Quest: Kill monster visit capture

Node encounter: Thief of speed travelling. Neutral to the party.
Potential related noun: raise, grab
Party awareness: Party has advantage, knows what is going on but did not kill anyone.

Roll: 12 | Awareness: 17

Node encounter: Great fighter of axe travelling. They like the party.
Potential related noun: sample, fight
Party awareness: Party has advantage, knows what is going on but did not kill anyone.

Roll: 18 | Awareness: 13

Node encounter: Statesman of local magistrate seeking signature in the next town.
Potential related noun: summer, rub
Party awareness: Party has advantage, knows what is going on but did not kill anyone.

Roll: 12 | Awareness: 18

Node encounter: Fight
Potential related noun: bitter, leadership
Party awareness: Party is aware, but with no advantage.

Roll: 9 | Awareness: 12

Node encounter: Fight, disadvantage beginning, nobody dies at beginning of combat
Potential related noun: swing, draft
Party awareness: Unaware, but possibility of becoming aware if astute.

Roll: 2 | Awareness: 4

Node encounter: Fight
Potential related noun: consequence, broad
Party awareness: Party has advantage, knows what is going on but did not kill anyone.

Roll: 12 | Awareness: 19

Potential adventurers

Name: Malysch
Race: Magi male
Level/Class: 9 TTB Curr Desciple

Name: Basaimge
Race: Magi male
Level/Class: 1 TTB Light Summoner

Name: Visafku
Race: Birdkhan female
Level/Class: 8 TTB Great Slayer of Dragon

Name: Koul
Race: Unpossessed Demon male
Level/Class: 2 TTB Great Knight of Arcanus

Name: Haymu
Race: Magi female
Level/Class: 6 TTB Curr Desciple

Longbow of physical defense (b)(L)(+x physical defense)(+x poison damage)(+x thunder damage)(+x light defense)
Item created by monster
Claymore of thunder damage (b)(L)(+x thunder damage)(+x blood damage)(+x thunder damage)(+x light defense)
Item created by monster
Javelin of light defense (n)(L)(+x light defense)(+x summoning damage)(+x earth damage)(+x summoning defense)
Item created by monster
Item created by monster
Item created by monster
Small Shield of physical damage (s)(L)(+x physical damage)(+x light damage)(+x summoning damage)(+x water defense)
===========ITEM VARIANTS=============== Follow Format(do not include <>): ()()(). Level 1: (0-3 increase) (1 effect) Level 2: (4-6 increase) (1 effect) Level 3: (7-10 increase) (1 effect) Level 4: (11-13 increase) (2 effect) Level 5: (14-15 increase) (2 effect) Level 6: (16-20 increase) (2 effect) Level 7: (21-25 increase) (3 effect) Level 8: (26-29 increase) (3 effect) Level 9: (30-35 increase) (3 effect) Level 10: (36-50 increase) (4 effect) 5 Sizes: Tiny (Carry 10 takes one slot) (herbs, salt, tiny materials) Small (takes 1 slot) (Small fish, Vials, Scrolls) Normal (takes 2 slot) (Sword Size, pauldrons, helmet) Big (takes 3 slot) (Claymore, Curiasses) Huge (takes 4 slot) (Carcasses) Gigantic (takes 8 slot requires caravan) (Dragon heads) Level (X) Weapons: (1x max val) - (2x max val) Level (X) Armor: (2x max val) - (4x max val) Level 1 Weapons: (5-15L) Level 1 Armor: (10-20L) Level 2 Weapons: (15L - 30L) Level 2 Armor: (20L - 60L) Level 3 Weapons: (30L - 60L) Level 3 Armor:(60L - 1.2K) Level 4 Weapons: (50L - 1K) Level 4 Armor: (1K - 2K) Level 5 Weapons: (80L - 1.6K) Level 5 Armor: (1.6K - 3.2K) Level 6 Weapons: (1K - 2K) Level 6 Armor: (2K - 4K) Level 7 Weapons: (1.2K - 2.4K) Level 7 Armor: (2.4K - 4.8K) Level 8 Weapons: (1.5K - 3K) Level 8 Armor: (3K - 6K) Level 9 Weapons: (2K - 4K) Level 9 Armor: (4K - 8K) Level 10 Weapons: (3K - 6K)(can go higher than 6) Level 10 Armor: (6K - 12K) (can go higher than 12) Generally there are items that are worth more. But these are the usual run of the mill items. Does not include special items such as Horror's Gauntlet. =========ATTACK SKILL VARIANTS========== Follow format: Name(limits)(Description) Example: 2x Fire strike (10m)(Strike foe with fire damage fireball dealing 5d fire, then 5d fire) Level 1: (1-20) Level 2: (20-35) Level 3: (35-50) Level 4: (50-70) Level 5: (70-100) Level 6: (100-120) Level 7: (120-150) Level 8: (150-170) Level 9: (170-190) Level 10: (190-300) No multipliers allowed. All status, non-multiplier. Buff Skills and Attack Skill Buffs (Generally place a 1trn restriction, but is not required.) (Heals/Mana increases do not count -- they are attack skills and not a buff (if it heals, cannot combine with buffs ontop of heals) Buff is a skill (or attack skill) that benefits a stat for yourself or the party. Skills such as this must work within 2x equipment variants (only 1 effect). If it affects multiple items, it must work within the variants with the collection of items. Level 1: (0-6 increase) Level 2: (??-12 increase) Level 3: (??-20 increase) Level 4: (??-26 increase) Level 5: (??-30 increase) Level 6: (??-40 increase) Level 7: (??-50 increase) Level 8: (??-58 increase) Level 9: (??-70 increase) Level 10: (??-100 increase) Attack Skill Limiter (How many attack skills an adventurer can have) Level 1: 5 Level 2: 10 Level 3: 15 Level 4: 20 Level 5: 25 Level 6: 27 Level 7: 30 Level 8: 33 Level 9: 36 Level 10: 40 Attack Skill Prices: Standard Formula: 5L cost per 1 point Level 1: (5L – 50L) Level 2: (50L – 1.5k) Level 3: (1.5k – 2k) Level 4: (2k – 3.5k) Level 5: (3.5k – 4.5k) Level 6: (4.5k – 6k) Level 7: (6k – 7.5k) Level 8: (7.5k – 8.5k) Level 9: (8.5k – 9.5k) Level 10: (9.5k – 15k) ============MISCELLANEOUS VARIANTS============== Bags: 10 slot = Patched Bag (free) 12 slot = Leather Bag (80L-1K) 15 slot = Fur Bag (1.8K-2K) 18 slot = Silk Bag (2.5K-3K) 20 slot = Mithril Bag (4K-5K) 25 slot = Rune Infused Bag (8K-10K) Can only have 1 bag. Caravan: All caravans require 2 birdard to tow. 1 birdard costs 1.5K-2K 100 slot = Wooden Caravan (1.8K-2k) 200 slot = Merchant's Caravan (8K-10K) 300 slot = Human Escorter Caravan (85K-1M) 400 slot = Totemic Caravan (4.5M-5M) Money Droprates (per adventurer): Level 1: Droprate(1-15L) Level 2: Droprate(15-30L) Level 3: Droprate(30-40L) Level 4: Droprate(40-60L) Level 5: Droprate(60-80L) Level 6: Droprate(80-1k) Level 7: Droprate(1k-1.2k) Level 8: Droprate(1.2k-1.5k) Level 9: Droprate(1.5k-2k) Level 10: Droprate(2k-3k) Skills and Items: This can include compasses/maps/misc. Items for particular purpose: Level 1: 2-10L Level 2: 10-30L Level 3: 30L-60L Level 4: 60L-1K Level 5: 1K-1.6K Level 6: 1.6K-2K Level 7: 2K-2.4K Level 8: 2.4K-3K Level 9: 3K-4K Level 10: 4K-6K Base Damage: (If magus, half physical damage. 1.5x if using large weapon) *Note: Not an attack skill, simply a standard hit. Level 1: 5-10 Level 2: 10-15 Level 3: 15-20 Level 4: 20-25 Level 5: 25-30 Level 6: 30-35 Level 7: 35-40 Level 8: 40-45 Level 9: 45-50 Level 10: 60 Houses: Sq. footage: 20L per sq. foot on average. Locations: Ghetto: 1L per sq. foot. Outskirts: 5-15L per sq. foot. General: 20L per sq. foot. Shops: 25L per sq. foot. Wealthy/large city: 30-1K per sq. foot. ===================How Time Works=================== C is indication of a Cert. A cert is like a year, but does notp equal to a year. There are 44 weeks to a cert. A week is 5 days. A day is 30 multa. A multa is the equivalent of an hour, but an multa does not represent an hour in earth time. 15 multa is about 10 hours. 1.5 multa to an hour. Which means an hour is .6667 multa. There are 30 multas in a day. Sunrise begins at 2 multa. Afternoon is at 10 multa. Sunset is at 17 multa. A night begins at 17 multa. It proceeds through 30 multa and begins from 1-2 multa. A day in Niseb is only 20 hours. People generally go to sleep around 22 multa. People wake up at 2 multa. People stay awake for roughly 13.33334 hours. People are asleep 6.66667 hours. A cert is 183.33333 days Each day of the week is as follows: Aan (represented by a solid circle) ● Gan (represented by an empty circle) ○ Ban (represented by a solid triangle) ▲ Jan (represented by an empty triangle) ∆ Lan (represented by a solid square) ⯀ Travel takes approximately 5 multa per node. ====================================================